Welcome To Our Club

2015-2016 was a monumental year for us as we celebrate 100 years of Lionism internationally, and 60 years of Lionism, here at home in Stayner!
It took a lot of past members along the way, as well as current members, to make this a reality, and for this we are very thankful!
It was also the year our club embraced our first female president, Lion Sandra Squire! I am humbled and honoured to be following in her footsteps! She did an awesome job of keeping the unity within our club, whilst keeping us on task, during the many projects we were involved in! Thank you Past President, Lion Sandra Squire, you are to be commended!
We are all proud and thankful for the tremendous support we always receive from the folks of Stayner and Clearview at large. Without your support we could not achieve our goals each year!
As Stayner Lions, serving Clearview Township, we continuously strive to serve our community. Our fundraising efforts enable us to give back wherever there is a need. As a club, we are here to support each other, as we do so.
Our club welcomes new members! We strive to work as a team, the old saying: "Many hands make light work", goes a long way here.
We want to make a difference in our community through serving, it's why we exist, and we welcome anyone who shares that passion!

Lion President Claire Weston

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

2018 Car Draw

Congratulations to Glenn Todd of Bolton, winner of the 2016 Car Draw